I hold a few people very close to me, so much so that I feel they are mine. So much so that I feel I own them. I can be very suffocating sometimes like that! And that excess suffocation brings in the part of the helpless on my part when I find them in some mess. Have you? But since I believe in giving space, I let them be… Since I was born into a post modernist age I believe in probability. Since I … whatever I resist imposing my view on them, most often because at some point I feel I need to draw the line. I begin to think from my perspective, will I like if somebody told me what to do because ….So I let them be, it is their life, their freedom, their life to make choices, fall and make mistakes, learn, enjoy and be the person they want to be… Disillusioned big time around people! 


Published by

pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

9 thoughts on “Dis-illu-sion-ed”

  1. I understand what u r trying to convey. We tend to get so much emotionally attached sometimes that we want to own their thoughts feel their pain share every bit of happiness and in the process we sometimes forget their perspectives.
    Sometimes people drift away .. Too.


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