I would feel insulted if somebody came and told me they respect me because I am a woman. How crass I would think. Seriously?

We should respect people for what they think, how they think, their thoughts, how they articulate, how they carry themselves, for what they do, for what they stand for. I don’t think gender and sex should come into the picture at all.

What is the use of respecting somebody just because he is a man or she is a woman! will you lose respect once they stop being one?


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46 thoughts on “Respect?”

  1. Rightly said. I believe women is blessed with many wonderful traits which deserves a respect but then if u speak about individuality I think rather than generalising , a person should be respected for the way he/she is .. For their thoughts and actions .

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  2. Firs of all stop being one.. oh no that will take a lot of time and money tooo. . 😎😎😎

    The problem is we see each other as man.. woman.. boy.. girl. . Till we change our mindset and think of other as a human. . Things will remain same..

    We need to treat the other as we want to be treated.. simple. ..

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  3. You took it from my fb comment didn’t you 😂 hate it when people expect me to respect someone with a shitty personality just because of the gender or age .. Respect is earned, when will people learn it. I respect people based on one condition.. how they treat me. Treat me right I will treat you fair . If you are bad then I’m your dad 😂😂😂


      1. Woman if you have problems with me stepping on your blog you better block me rather than telling me what to do. For God’s sake woman know your place


                    1. Thought that was understood.. lol that can be understood only by those who have common sense


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