One of those days when I sit and ponder what love is. Is it something I feel for someone or somebody feels for me… It is always mutual? Or is it just random … 
What does it mean when I tell you, I love you..what does it mean when I tell you, take care .. Do they mean the same? Has a few words taken over the meaning of another set? 

Is it love that connects us to each other or is it interest …or that we read the same books, went to same school, wake up at the same time, have common friends, born to the same parents, 

 What is it that binds people to one another? What is it that retains an interest that keeps some of us talking to the other, sometimes thinking of the other … Caring for the other, concerned for their well being, their happiness.. 


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

11 thoughts on “#143”

  1. when I read the first two lines in ‘Readers’ I thought you have an answer along with the question here! Well… perhaps it’s the ‘me’ or the ‘not me’ in them! Isn’t it so that we keep understanding people in relation to us, our thoughts, of things we know and know not?

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      1. hmm…. agree, isn’t that why we are all still humans normal and not saints or mahatmas yet? 🙂 …. hey, somehow ‘m missing something in your posts lately… may be it’s just that ‘ve not been really following lately … anyways take care! love n hugs 🙂 🙂


              1. You mean the desert sunset?… it was a unique experience I loved …’m sure you too would’ve loved it…have seen your sunrise pics and love for the skies, sun and moon 🙂


  2. Better left a mystery, i guess. But the mind sometimes wants to find answers as to the why. I think even if we find answers, the real answers are beyond what we think… How’s you BTW mridu


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