Energy & Intention

The question is how do you know somebody’s energy? But do we always doubt, is the adjunct question? 

I’ve this immense faith in people, somehow, so much so that people around me mock me for that kind of idealistic faith in them. I do because  I have my experiences to back me up. Whereever I have been, irrespective of the many impediments, people have stood by me without questions, without anything in return. Sometimes I wonder why they ever did/do have such faith in me? I’m not the most likable of types, I have my moods where I’m just antisocial and wouldn’t want anyone near me much less talk, and if I talk I may just be nasty. My anger which is as famous as my guffaw, my mother keeps warning about to people who tell her you have a happy daughter who smiles always. She says, I hope you stick to the same opinion once you see her anger mad!! 😎 Irrespective of all this people have stuck with me, by me, and I’m grateful. Yes. I am for all of you being there, for those little and long talks, those memories, for the smiles, for the ready hugs when I needed them, for sitting beside me for hours while I was silent and would never talk much less share, for holding me tight and not letting me fall, for listening to me rant when I felt like, for sharing in my madness, for waking up for that 3 am snack, for stubbornly being mine and on my side even when I’ve been just at my worst. 

Could be the energy and intention! I’m glad there are few people mad enough to believe in me, my energy and my intention.


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

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