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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

33 thoughts on “Right!”

  1. wow Ash! feels kind of eerie dear…. well kind of relates to what is going on in my mind!!! but here I am thinking of the lost loved ones!!!


    1. Mm! They live in our memories. But in general people don’t last .. They come they go is what I feel, today somebody may be a beat friend, a few months from now they may not, life changes because of circumstances ..

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          1. remembering the good ones too are some times painful… its a phase of life that can never be experienced again… you grow up… things change… but the feelings are always there… some times it feels like a lost child looking for a warm understanding hand to be laid on your shoulders…


                  1. yes it is in the mind…. the memories will always be there Ash, its just that you learn to live, handle it!! ( I am talking about loved ones who have died…. )


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