Vada Pav! 

She settled down at her window seat with her walkman and her book. This was going to be a long journey, her first time alone without her friends or relatives. And, she was warned to stay away from strangers, and the food they offer, not to use her laptop in the train. All those thoughts rushed back as he, let’s name him Rahul, you can call him Raj as well, offered her the plate of vada pav, he bought from a vendor at the Solapur station.

Every bite she took of that vadapav, Pooja assumed she was going to be knocked out.

“They mix sedatives in it and offer to co-passengers,” she was reminded of her aunt’s words “by the time you are awake, all your money would be gone.” With her aunt in her head, to Pooja now it seemed that the two women and the other man in her cubicle of 8 were staring at her, waiting for her to doze off under the effect of the strong sedative they had mixed with the potatoes of the vada in conspiracy with the vendor at the station… it could be even in the dough of the pav, she mused. But what will they take and run away with, “I just have overworked laptop, it has to be plugged in everytime I need to work and a few clothes”


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