#MondayMusings – ingrained! 

Isn’t being proud of my qualities a good thing? My English teacher back in school said no!

School teaches us about a black and white world. As we grow out of that institution and age, and go into other fields of work, we still carry the same black and white idea and use it as a stencil to see the world. The only problem being, the world we live in is never black or white. We fail to recognize that it was an exaggeration like it is in all children’s books and superhero comics. They are extreme possibilities, aspirational qualities, but real life happens in the grey. Isn’t that what life has taught us so far? 

Not being proud of our own worth when we start living outside school becomes tagged as defidence. A few call it an inferiority complex, others call it a lack of self esteem. I think it all goes back to that convoluted idea we are taught at school in our English grammar lesson of class 9 that pride in our own self is a bad trait! 


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31 thoughts on “#MondayMusings – ingrained! ”

  1. Ash, don’t you think it is like excelling in the nationals and facing the world in the olympics, but then one has to have the initial confidence to atleast participate in the nationals 🙂


  2. that fake image was our life breath till the point we realised it…and in my case till entered into a professional life…and now i think it might be cyclical.. now we can atleast recognize what is fake or not…and may be later we might go back to the childhood days of fake image..

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  3. To acknowledge your talents and the qualities that distinguish you from others and to be proud of them is when you realise that you’re different. You believe that you’re unique and not a part of the herd- something that the education system in India is against of since the beginning of time. 😂😂


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