So Pink! 

There are certain home truths and assumptions the film raises and is spot on. 

For instance, the idea of a good woman.Who is it in your mind… 

I wondered today for the first time what hints I give people when I am my normal laughing loudly, talking freely self. 

Or, what is it that makes a girl/women feel safe with men. I find it difficult to explain what is it about a guy/girl that makes me feel safe. There is a vibe. Again, what is feeling safe? It is a combination of factors. 

The film brings up a similar set of a combination of factors with which the Indian society looks at/ down at a woman. We all know and have heard.

No wonder most Indian women want to create an image of being goodie goodie, soft spoken, the good charactered, the good wife/girlfriend/daughter… No loose talk with random guys, innocent about sexual pleasure… The list is long..

Coming back to the film, people around me in the audience forgot about their tubs of popcorn and their cokes during the first half. The moment the intermission sign came on, I ran out of the theatre … For some air. I even went and looked at the booking counter to book tix for a rubbish film to wear off the intensity of this one. I went and washed my face in the rest room.


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