Then & now

If Jesus Christ had celebrated his last supper in Kerala, he would have had par boiled rice, a portion of beef fry, kaalan (a curd based dish in coconut paste), a beans thorran (beans with grated coconut) and kadala (Bengal gram) curry. Or if that is too much food on the plate, let’s say he had dosa and sambar. Then his followers around the world would be tasting dosa and sambar as his body and blood instead of bread and wine during transubstantiation.

It is that simple a logic. He was at a particular place that followed a particular food habit. Same with all the rules in a religious text. Why follow and take up these vestiges in times that have moved far beyond those when they were made, and in places where they have no connect. 


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8 thoughts on “Then & now”

  1. Again this is true.. and the biggest issue in religion. Because it does not move with time.

    When it comes to religion we have to put our mind in those times and then tall of religion. Which is really absurd I feel..


    1. People need to read to have open minds! But does genuinely want to step out of their cosy comfort zone, read widely and wildly, get into trouble knowing what they have known until then is ancient? Don’t know how many will rock the boat!


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