Happy Onam then! 

It is difficult to change something that has been ingrained since childhood. Sociologists may call it internalization. Irritation was therefore the first reaction when I heard/saw Shah’s proclamation of onam as vamanajayanthi. How ridiculous I thought!!! 

Mahabali is a figure like Santa Claus for the Malayalees, he comes visiting us every year during our harvest season. 

Suddenly bringing up Vaman then was a diagrace. The reasons are so out there. 

Onam began therefore on a fighting note last night. But then who cares … It is a festival we Mals look forward to every year for various personal reasons. 

And as the day progressed there was new information about onam, mahabali and the changing nature of festivals. 

Hope you all had a good day, in celebration and otherwise. 


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44 thoughts on “Happy Onam then! ”

          1. Mango and chavvari was the speciality. We had 10 payasams. Even in kerala I never had such a sadhya. Total 23 items plus 9 payams. Need a real comparison with 17 course french menu and 23 course sadhya. You can do a research in this subject😂😉

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  1. Belated Happy Onam…

    Hmmm… if it is Vamana Jayanti, shouldn’t it also be Vamana Vardhanti? 😮 After all, the avatar ended after the li’l boy got what he needed…


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