Of that we are made of

And so many mythological colloquialisms, such as if a woman comes by and tells me she wants to be like Sheelawati, oh please give me a break. Really woman! you really want to .. 😛 😛 😛

And then we blame violence and injustice against men, women, and talk about curbing them when they turn rampant! :


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19 thoughts on “Of that we are made of”

  1. You remember, there was this advertisement in which madhuri dixit used to come – Yeh mat sikhao ki ladke rote nahi hai, Yeh sikhao ke ladke rulate nahi hai.

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      1. And people think – it is always supposed to be like this. Sad part of this is even some women support. Like in the case of dowry harassment, the mother in law also plays a part isn’t it. She forgets that she is a woman too and she should not torture another woman who is like her daughter and not just her son’s wife…


        1. patriarchy is not just men, it is men and women. I sometimes wonder do people even think when they make allusions to some myth, as in do you now what you are talking about.. I want a husband like Ram, is another one… seriously, ? somebody who abandons his preggy wife!

          blind in faith does not mean blinkers in the mind!

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          1. Comparison is what makes relationships go sour. He is better, I want more gold, I want a rich husband, I want a pretty wife – beauty, wealth are all temporary. But people will never understand that!


            1. People what they need to do is sit back and begin to think rather than just absorb what is being told to them. Then pick and choose. Instead, they just swallow it all, rote learn and reproduce… like the education system we follow


              1. Yes. And there is also this “why should I do it? Let others change first”
                Even if they were taught nonsense in their childhood, once they grow up, won’t they know the right from wrong? That is what I wonder. Or is it that they know and yet they act ignorant?


                  1. Salary, status or education has nothing to do with common sense. Knowing wrong from right doesn’t need one to be educated isn’t it, ash?


                    1. no it doesn’t. but it needs thought. that is a basic requirement. our learning is not to trigger thought or discussion. but it is to store knowledge, bloat our egos and then get hurt when somebody tries to talk against it! So openness is thought is lacking..

                      may be we should start a new school board! teach them loo agriculture and thought processes

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                    2. Thought process should be made compulsory. Loo habits depends on individual’s digestion 😛 you know in Israel, they have this course where they teach farming in arid land. 6-12 months course. Pretty interesting one..


                    3. Some people climb on it and sit, as if it’s Indian toilet. I wonder what happens if they slip while trying to sit Indian style on western toilets 😛


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