#Mondaymusings -The Plum Seed

​[12/09, 01:52] Ash: I think I swallowed the plum seed. Like right now. 😶

[12/09, 01:55] friend 1: 😂😂

[12/09, 01:55] F1: Plum tree will grow

[12/09, 01:55] F1: In tummy

[12/09, 01:58] Ash: 😂😂😂

[12/09, 01:58] Ash: The oesophagus is that big eh

[12/09, 01:58] Ash: As in the seed was big ya

[12/09, 01:58] Ash: I’m thinking is it stuck I’m my throat now

[12/09, 02:17] F2: Drink water

[12/09, 02:17] F2: Loads

[12/09, 02:17] F1: Or ask P to do the Heimlich

[12/09, 02:17] F1: Or put your finger in your throat and throw up

[12/09, 02:17] F1: Will he able to?

[12/09, 02:18] F1: He might get scared

[12/09, 02:18] Ash: He is sleeping

[12/09, 02:18] F2: It is supposed to be easy no

[12/09, 02:18] F2: Throw up

[12/09, 02:18] Ash: Drank water let see..

[12/09, 02:18] F1: But on Pins

[12/09, 02:18] F1 She could be scary at times

[12/09, 02:18] F1: I’m guessing this is one such time

[12/09, 02:18] F2: Don’t make scary throw up noises

[12/09, 02:19] Ash: Haha

[12/09, 02:19] F1: Ooh.. do that in his ears

[12/09, 02:19] F1: He will wake up and he can do the whatever

[12/09, 02:19] Ash: Let the boy sleep

[12/09, 02:19] Ash: I think it has gone down

[12/09, 02:20] Ash: Hopefully it won’t sprout soon

[12/09, 02:20] Ash: And I may have like leaves popping out

[12/09, 02:20] F1: 😂

[12/09, 02:20] Ash: Imagine plums growing inside the tummy like those peepal growing off walls

[12/09, 02:20] F1: We can pick plums from your nose

[12/09, 02:20] F1: 😂😂😂😂😂

[12/09, 02:21] F2: Does our body digest the seed that large

[12/09, 02:21] Ash: Hahaaa

[12/09, 02:21] F2: Or do you feel it pass

[12/09, 02:21] F1: No.. she will poop it out

[12/09, 02:21] Ash: Feel it passs

[12/09, 02:21] Ash: First thing in the morning

[12/09, 02:21] F2: Ouch

[12/09, 02:22] F2: Si plum seed will become poop seed

[12/09, 02:23] Ash: Haha

[12/09, 02:23] Ash: And may be their will be a plum tree comingbout of my comode

[12/09, 02:23] Ash: 😂😂

[12/09, 02:23] Ash: Good manure no

[12/09, 02:27] F1: Ewww

[12/09, 02:27] F1: Enough

[12/09, 02:27] F1: Both of you  – go sleep

[12/09, 02:28] Ash: 😂😂😂😂

[12/09, 02:28] F1: Like kids discussing poop at 2:30 am

[12/09, 02:28] Ash: I had a roomate who introduced me to poop jokes

[12/09, 02:28] F1: I’m married

[12/09, 02:28] Ash: And initially I was like was the heck woman shut up

[12/09, 02:29] F1: So. That means poop jokes ALL the time

[12/09, 02:29] F1: Boys are obsessed with all things toilet

[12/09, 02:30] Ash: 😂😂😂

[12/09, 02:30] Ash: So she trained me in some ways to enjoy piku I feel

[12/09, 02:30] Ash: I’m ever so grateful

[12/09, 02:31] Ash: Oh we do that all the time.. How was mess food last night

[12/09, 02:31] Ash: Open tap or …

[12/09, 02:31] Ash: Mess breakfast conversations

[12/09, 02:31] Ash: 😂😂😂😂

[12/09, 02:31] Ash: I’ll go to sleep

[12/09, 02:32] Ash: 😇😇😇

[12/09, 02:38] F2: Good night

[12/09, 02:38] F2: Pleasant pooping

[12/09, 04:04] F3: As long as it don’t go in to your lungs

[12/09, 04:05] F3: I have heard of a man who had a lung collapse because a pea sprouted in it…

[12/09, 04:06] F1: Don’t scare her re

[12/09, 04:06] F1: I’m sure she will be fine in the morning

[12/09, 04:06] F3: Hehe she will poop it out.. I just said the other scenario..

[12/09, 04:09] F1: She will tell us in the morning 👍🏼

[12/09, 07:47] F2: Pleasant poopin people

[12/09, 07:54] F1: Eesh

[12/09, 09:28] Ash: https://youtu.be/jxrkzVX4Vf0

[12/09, 09:29] Ash: I wake up and tell the boy that I swallowed the plum seed he reminds me of Colin … Scroll to 2.11 😂😂


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139 thoughts on “#Mondaymusings -The Plum Seed”

                    1. Then everybody will start growing plums in loo. Then comes loo gardens. Tag line- come and get lost in the fragrant loo garden. 😀

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Jessssss now that makes all the sense..

                      Butttttttt right not buying any more plums.. I wonder where all they come from… 😀😀😀

                      Incidently I have planted a plum tree in the garden.. 😎😎😎


                    3. And are you sure the plums in ur garden will be safe to eat? 😛
                      It’s all manure isn’t it, animal or human waste product it doesn’t matter 😉


                    4. No… You can’t kill a living thing!!! U might not able to hear but plants do cry when someone hurts them… 😦


                    5. Oh boy what a dilemma. . Right I shud ship it over to pins. . She will have two. .
                      And the two trees will be happier having each other to grow up with..😀😀😀


                    6. May be your tree is accustomed to the atmosphere there and might not adjust to Mumbai weather. Change of place can cause depression in plants.


                    7. All living beings are like that isn’t it. If u keep a cactus plant in rain for 10days, it will rot and die. Apple trees don’t grow in equatorial region..
                      Lol, I am sounding like a botany teacher 😀


                    8. That is why it’s called spring onion. New life “springs” out of onions. 😛 hahaha


                    9. Ahaan.. Indian tadka everywhere.. 😛
                      Do you talk to your tree? “beta, meethe meethe plums dena “, try this, may be you will get sweet and juicy plums. Studies say if you play light and calm music to your plants, they grow well and fruits will be sweet and juicy.


                    10. They wear bangles and kholapuri Chappals too 😉
                      Male trees wear sherwani, lungi ll fly away u see:-D


                    11. Ooops.. sorry pressed send too soon

                      I was saying it’s too young to ubdestand that.. let it grow a bit..

                      Calm music where when how. .In a punjabi household .. no way.. its the dhol all the time..


                    12. Dhol in slow motion can help. You can teach bhangra also. The plums will grow healthy and strong. You can name them – dancing plums 😉


                    13. Both dance forms require high energy. Trees might wilt. So one highly energetic and one calm and soothing dance form 😉


                    14. I was thinking, small sweaters and socks for their kids (future planning) but 1000 fruits (kids) means difficult na.:-P


                    15. Yes please….

                      But I am sure with all the eating and drinking humans will do at te party. . Won’t need to buy any

                      Ha ja ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

                      Ps. My manager just asked what am.i laughing my head off .. looking at the laptop screen…

                      Ha what do they know.. 😀😀😀😀😎😎😎😀😀😀😎😎😎😃😃😃😂😂

                      Liked by 1 person

                    16. Best idea 😀 we will be featured in magazines, newspapers and tv channels – from shit, to shit, thanks to these 3 people BAR- bikramjit, ash and rekha. We will be bar-ed 😛

                      Liked by 2 people

              1. There is domex – the one that changes color once it fights with all germs. Changes from green to blue… Try that 😉
                Manure goes in daily, but say suppose someday Mr. Constipation visits..:-P
                I wonder what will the scarecrow look like.:-D

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. Haha.. Quite a shitty discussion we had.. 😉 plants also need fresh air (not stinky air always, it might the plums sour) and sunlight too. And beware, don’t let cows and sheep eat the leaves. 😛


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