#randomthought #2

Close your eyes and go back to may be the walk in the morning. Go back to a specific moment, for instance, where you stopped under that tree to catch you breadth.

If I were to ask you to describe your that moment, you would effortlessly say, the kind of stones, the shape of the pebbles, the sounds that you heard, the direction of those sounds, any moving vehicle, other morning walkers and joggers, the colour of their tees, even the wording if they were any or images.. You could also may be just sit down, open a new post template and begin to write.

We’ll be surprised at our detailing of the moment, something we consciously never did, but was unconsciously recorded. May be a conscious act of observing would have yielded more details..

I feel I have a 70% photographic memory because I can remember details of scenes and sentences from books like that.

We all do, I suppose.

It is scary at times, because, such kind of memory is disturbing. It is funny most of the times because I have my moments of private jokes at the expense of others because of people who may not remember what they said a couple of years back.. They diametrically change their opinions now, and pass that opinion on the given subject as if they stood by it since Adam and Eve.

Take a moment, close your eyes, and describe something ..

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An Aquarius Woman

2 thoughts on “#randomthought #2”

  1. London .. January. . .could not find the building she had come to stay in for a few weeks.. ..

    After a couple of phone calls she walks out.. everything stops.. stand still moment.. I remeber the blue sky. . The grey white building.. tesco shop .. a few hoardings Beckham trying to sell something.. and just one person walking towards me..😀😀😀😀

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