Bonds ..

I don’t have a blood sister. But this woman and the other woman makes up for it. I can go, raid their cupboard for clothes, earrings, take them as mine….something which I don’t generally do with even close friends. People do that with me though. But with these two… 😍😍 I do it a lot with my brother though because he’s my own. (May be I feel these two are my own, that could be it) Until we used to fit into the same jeans, my brother and I have always shared, we have raided daddy’s cupboard for his shirts 😂😂 have been confused as to which colour was bought for him and me 😂 Nowadays, he knows exactly which tees of his I’ll flick when I spot them in his cupboard, therefore hide, or wear them at least once before I turn up 😊 .. Or his earphones, waiting for him to get those airpods..😂😂😂  .. Some bond I guess. I don’t know.. 


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

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