What makes you cry!

I have cried twice in my life over a set of papers. One, that morning of class when I started reading Gayathri Spivak’s Can the Subaltern Speak and wondered whether it was written in English it self. The content made absolutely no sense to me afer a 5th read, and I began to cry and walk to my classmate’s room to find she was also in tears! banging her head to the wall .. . Lesson learnt – start reading Spivak atleast 5 days before it is to be read in class

The second time I cried over a set of papers is on the previous day of the beginning of a course in advanced sociology. 400 pages of photocopy from 4 sociologists to be read and understood before the next morning for a 9:30 lecture. It was already 7 in the night when the photocopies were distributed to us. For half an hour, I felt like tearing apart that man called Anthony Giddens! and Marx, and of course the Prof! Lesson Learnt – the bar is high!



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