Trust ..

How do you trust someone? 

I just know most of the times, lets put it that way. 

An instinct … A gut feel. I can’t explain. 

And, it has nothing to do with how they behave or what they say. It is something beyond.

People say they have trust issues. Why? I thought it is an either or. Either you trust or you don’t. Where is the in between. You can’t call it trust if you start wavering. 

Like faith trust needs to be blind. (Let’s keep post structuralism out of it for a few minutes)

I trust a handful of people with my self, with my feelings, with my thoughts, with my actions, with my nonsense with my over reactions, with my overthinking. I don’t know whether they know I do. But I do. 

So.. But I don’t expect them to be there for me because I trust them. A few will, a few may not. A few will be there in ways which you never even expected. 

Likewise, I find people trusting me as well. 

But what I have come to realize is if I trust somebody then I trust them no matter what

People again say that is adangerous stand. But do I care what people say? If I need to fall and break a leg, I will.. 


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

11 thoughts on “Trust ..”

  1. It’s not about you breaking a leg. It’s about you breaking the floor or the ceiling or making a hole on earth when you fall


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