The Women of Vijayanagara Empire

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The Vijayanagara Empire was based in the Deccan plateau region in South India. The empire is named after its capital city of Vijayanagara, whose ruins surround the present day Hampi, now a World Heritage Site in Karnataka, India.

Most information on the social life in Vijayanagara empire comes from the writings of foreign visitors and evidence uncovered by research teams (inscriptions on stone). Caste system was prevalent and rigidly followed. However, caste system did not prevent distinguished persons from all castes from being promoted to higher ranks in army and administration.

The practice of Sati was common, but voluntary and was mostly practiced by women of upper caste. Inscriptions attesting to the practice of sati have been found and are called Satikals. Satikals commemorates the death of a woman by entering into fire after the death of her husband. Sati-virakals (hero stone) was made for those women who performed sati…

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