I think fatalism makes us dangerously lazy. It puts the onus of our actions on the god or the power a lot of people beleive in. doesn’t it? I’ve always wondered if our life was planned to the minute, god’s backyard would be like an solar system big server room .. Then why in the first place pray for intercession!  

On any given day, god and I have our little chats, and I say, I haven’t finished my work, do something, I tell (him),  make my supervisor give me an excuse, and (he) almost always does. 😂😂 it is funny that at that very moment I receive a call/message from my her which says, I’m running late today take your time .. Submit tomorrow. What I think is, my supervisor may also be talking to her God asking (him), I need to prep for my article, can’t read her work now. Ask her to make an excuse.😂😂

PS. The first line was a random comment that came out while I was bantering with the valiant soul in her post on staircase to heaven. The rest well, is cooked up from life experiences. 


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

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