The many levels that bind you to someone….

Yes, there are many many many levels below the surface up in the head deep in the heart that binds us to another. And most of the time or initially we realize one or two or at the max say 5*similar interests, that’s phase one of sharing the umwelt…

Let me start with something basic.  How do we start smiling, chatting, talking and being comfortable with somebody, I say comfortable even being in the vicinity of-, in the presence of-around some people, some folks who we love to bump into for their refreshing nature, their sanguinity or just to feel motivated from a distance, awe at their energy levels … aren’t.these the precursors of being umwelted and often sidelined…

Talking comes at a later stage … the vibes most of the times, do I see you nod for that. Sometimes it is a welcoming smile, at times it their welcoming nature, some people are so grounded that you feel like attaching your unstable self to them to share some of their stability by osmosising…:), some times it is talk, the chatter, the thought..

There are infinite possibilities as to why we are attracted to another human being and begin to form a relationship…. from a distance or at close quarters-people we call friends, we call colleagues, team mates, lovers, soul mates, people whom we call acquaintances, the stranger who ceases to become one in our daily commute to the office or the market or on our morning walks

Bloggers like us, how do we bond over ‘just’ comments, as a blogger friend of mine, Deborah asks, what was it like sharing thoughts pre-FB, when the blogger’s name mostly was a pseudonym, with no face and no sound, the identity was marked just by the words strung together  in the comment section, its logic, the to and fro responses; sometimes the formatting talks to us, to communicate I feel is a more appropriate word in this case. May be something has changed, there is a face to the names, but we are all essentially talking to a screen even now.

 Over breakfast, one day, there was a new umwelt brewing….., the three of us had this amazing conversation over 1950-70s Hindi cinema. It started with an article from a Sunday Newspaper supplement on the villains of Bollywood, with Pran to be specific. The conversation which started over breakfast at 7:45 continued until around 9 or so,  … it is not about the time frame of the conversation or the conversation itself. It is about the fact that none of us knew each other’s interest for Guru DuttJoy Mukherjee or Rajesh Khanna… our liking for Shatrunghan Sinha and Pran. Who would look at each other and say, kala patha 😂😂 Loved it!

*don’t take me up on that number 5, its a random number for some rhyme

Source: The many levels that bind you to someone….


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