Go Overboard!

I have a tendency to go overboard.

Do you?

I was making a cake the other day, it was going to be a simple sponge, with a hint of chocolate from melted Bournville bars. But then, my friend had a bottle of red wine stored away in her pantry. She also had a few pears in her fruit basket. Why not make an upside down pear cake! πŸ˜› In went a finely sliced pear into the pan on the stove with a generous amount of sugar and some of that wine. The other friend who was raiding the kitchen for something to eat found a packet of tutti fruitti. Upside down pear with a tutti frutti topping. We lined the baking dish with the tutti frutti, then with the wine caramelized pear, the batter went in next, and a few more bars of bourville were hidden into it. Once out, I poured the rest of the wine I caramelized the pears with on to the cake.

Heaven πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Β If I was alone I would have poured off milkmaid generously over it to hide all that and make into a white cake. But then, the milkmaid was already empty by the time the cake came out πŸ˜€


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pins & ashes

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