Picture Memories

I just realized today that I share plenty of little and big memories but not a single picture together with a friend I’m very close to. I hunted my entire gallery and found like 1 picture as a group.

“Pictures do jog memories” she told me when I relayed this random observation to her “may be it is time we pose for one, let’s take a selfie next time we meet or ask someone.”

“But does it really matter” I asked

“May be it doesn’t, that’s why we haven’t until now” she said


“Just for kicks, on those lonely senile days when I want to see you, but can’t remember how you looked back now…”

“Ah … ”

“Should we?”

“I think the moment we remember our conversations, all else will fall in place”

“You think so?..”



“But how come we don’t have a picture together!…”

“Let’s take one when we meet tomorrow…”

“I want modaks too”

“Already kept your share in the fridge ”

“Cutie pie you…but”


“Okay, but.. how come..”

“Sleep now, or I’ll forget to get the modaks for you :D”

“like our picture together … I know. sd”

“you’ll take the picture of the modak and forget again about the two of us, you’ll see”

“True that .. but…”

“shshshshssh now… go dream”

“and let you sleep 😀 :P”



“the modak … ”

“will act as the trigger”

“Now you see..”

“We have loads of pictures together that way”

she sends a smiley

“Dream in peace…, I may take a while “


Published by

pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

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