Crash and Paints

When the mind is without fear, and the screen goes blank and makes awkward noises, the heart leaps to the mouth, hand shudders.. how much have I saved in there, or are they all in that external black box called the hard disk beside me!

The lap went on a strike a couple of mornings ago and left me stranded in the streets of the non-internet users… time for check up, yes, and life says, life goes on very well without that box called the laptop for a day or two… what I did, bought some glass paints, caught hold of a glass bottle and used the paints lavishly over itπŸ™‚

Life does not end with a crash… it goes on, pick up what is left, carry on… Β πŸ™‚

Source: Crash and Paints


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

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