#MondayMusings – Train Journeys

#I’m in love with those train journeys where I get to board late at night around supper time, sleep off and wake up to see I have reached the station. Cochin-Bangalore and Cochin- Madras is such a pleasure that way! Board at 10, get into the bunk, sleep off, and wake up to Bengaluru city or Chennaipattanam!

#The point is I need to wake up to my station, I don’t want to sit and wait anymore. I don’t mind boarding at 3 in the evening as well. That’s Bombay-Hyderabad trains for you.

#I feel irritated when after waking up in the morning, I need to wait for another half a day more for the station to arrive. That was how the Cochin-Hyderabad journey on the Sabari Express usually was.

#But the best part was returning home from Hyd in Sabari when Coimbatore was over. That’s when the colour of the greenery outside changed and Kerala began. The feeling of stepping into home with the colour of green grass šŸ˜€

# that navy guy who slept on the upper berth who never used the steps to climb up or climb down.

#the two mothers with their toddlers who fought over who is the better kid and parent!!!

#those endless games of UNO with fellow passengers, and the Ticket Collector looks suspicious whether we were gambling

#the tasty tomato soup that comes by which my dad says is made from rice water!

#those vendors who bring in those little samosas when the train stops in nowhere land an hour before it shunts into Sec’bad.

#that double decker a/c express with green interiors between Bombay-Ahm I fell in love with, and fall in love with all over again every time I travel that way.

#that moment when I saw Kurukshetra and wanted to step out to feel mythology

#that time when the train was 12 hours late, and I found Igatpuri



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12 thoughts on “#MondayMusings – Train Journeys”

  1. love these journeys…love the transcience of the mini-bondings that are formed…getting down at stations and sitting on benches for a few minutes and hopping back as the train picks up speed…God!!! there are a million memories that come alive at the mere mention of train journeys šŸ˜Š


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