For some odd reason I thought the writer of the #1 ladies detective agency is a woman. Women can have Alexander as their first names can’t they, until I stumbled upon an article on him. 

Nothing changed as such. Nothing in the way I conceived those novels also changed. But I’ve been stressing my brain to think as to why such a thought came in. 

Many people I meet and talk to tell me they thought of Enid Blyton as a man. Some still do, I guess. JK Rowling on purpose wrote her name such thinking such a name would sell her books more, but do we even care whether potter was written by a she or a he. 

Reading yet another novel of McCall Smith starting today, “tears of the giraffe” makes it the 36th book of the year. The yearly challenge of 52 books going strong. (The secret is I’ve already read 46 new books this year so far) 😁😁😁



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