4 sept 1997

I remember 4th September 1997 for a different set of reasons. It was a Thursday evening, Mother Teresa was still very much alive. That’s when a little baby parakeet slipped from her nest on the coconut tree on to our mother-in-law’s seat in our garden. Since both the plant and she were the same shade of green none of us could differentiate between the two at first until she moved. She was hardly a week or two old then. But after we did, it has been a joy ride of screetching, pecks and love. Tintu, as we named her became my best friend, my girl friend, my lover, my listner. She used to stay awake however long it might have been if I stayed up the night doing home work giving me company. She used to bring the roof down if I didn’t share anything I ate with her too. Each one of us at home had a different bond with this green girl of ours.. Such joy she was to us, the conversations we used to have with her while bathing and cleaning her were hilarious.. Once when she was lost among the trees, and I found her in a neighbour’s house in the adjacent street, she ran to me from her side of the cage and started her parrot talk in recognition. The joy! I miss this little one today… the little one who knew all my little secrets who allowed me to touch her beak, and fluff her feathers around the neck. ย  Aha! If only she were here with me today I would have made her favourite chicken and chilli rice cake for her birthday .. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜


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