My friend Ganesha

One of my friends wanted to attend this workshop where they taught us to make eco-friendly ganeshas. When the twin wanted to go, how can I be left behind, she took me along. We went, bought our clay, attended the workshop, made ours and came back with our own ganeshas on a wooden board. It was so thrilling an exercise that another friend and I went for the workshop on the second day. Now I had two Ganeshas, the second one I with the cushions a friend liked it so she took it as hers.Β The one with the nutties/ladoos is the Ganesha I made on the first day. the one with the elaborate cushions is the one I made on the second. By the end of the one hour on the first day, I was too lazy to make his legs, so I just covered it up with small balls which I later made it up as Ganesha’s favourite food, the ladoo. πŸ˜€ the rest of the ganesha’s are of my friends.

Β I am fascinated by this elephant god, and keep adding his little forms to my collection.

Divide the blob of clay into five parts, and then .. it is uptonour imagination..
Divide the blob of clay into five parts, and then .. it is upto your imagination..

Source: My friend Ganesha with nutties


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