Girl Friends & Girl Gangs

School over, college over, a few years go by and one day on FB I post a picture of a group of friends from my current campus. Almost immediately, two-three of my girls from college come along. We started to discuss on why aren’t we together again like we were in class then. How this thought never crossed any of our minds. It took hardly an hour to collect phone numbers and start a whatsapp group. That was two years ago sometime around November 2014. Our first reunion in late December was epic, like all reunions are, we just loved being with of each other and looked angrily at time for going sooper fast.

14249960_10154538509203707_8250025044429467389_oWe haven’t stopped meeting or talking to each other since. I’ve met them more times than any body for the last year or so. This (whatsapp) group becomes a one stop place where each one of us go to, just to be among our girl friends who studied in the same class, went through the peer pressure, the pressure of the 11th hour meeting deadlines, submissions, heart breaks, love triangles, life challenges & confusions, career goals. Over the years as we have come back to be among our class in a different medium, we realize we have grown up for sure, but we all retain the same spirit we had during our time together back then.

Girl Friends are a must for any girl, so are girl gangs. Just to be, just to share, just to have meaningful, random, soulful and nonsensical conversation, just to howl, to vent, to heal, to rant, just to enjoy, just to have a lot of mindless and mindful fun, and to discuss anything under the sun. A happy news, and they’ll be one of the first ones to know, they make it their own, the excitement they give me in turn makes me go wohooo all the more. If I’m having a bad day, I go there and say, I don’t even have to say listen me out, they do and give me company to just rant. Or on a day when I am confused, I go there and ask my doubts, they will be answers and always a lot of fun and leads to elsewhere. My gang of girls, we have stuck together for every nonsense and sense we could think up and are in. The excitement and the support we give each other, I guess is something nobody else can, or ever will. Long live our gang!!

It is the absence that makes the presence visible and charming …


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    1. In fact very natural actually. My sibling has zero connection with the school and his batchmates while I have many. But I do feel weird when a rival from school/college came to become friends with me now and are really pally! I keep away

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