Silent words…


As always I’m curious.

What does it mean to understand somebody’s silence. I find it hard to comprehend people’s words and their emotions which are out there in the first place, which I find are the most vocal forms of communication. Now if they totally shut up and shut shop, how the hell will I make sense of that?

I grow silent when I am concentrating on something.  I’m usually the loquacious kind you see. I expect the same from people, if you want to communicate, ask/tell me. How I do I know what’s running in your mind when you are silent.

Re-writing this poster then, from my pov,

I may understand your words, but never your silences 😛 Can’t help it, however philosophical that statement sounds!



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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

23 thoughts on “Silent words…”

  1. Hi Pins, I think this quote is more in reference to a relationship where one person can understand the silence of the other. That their love has grown to such levels that they can understand each others’ silence. I believe this quote was written from that perspective.

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  2. You took the words rite out of my mind.i think that quote was made up by someone who didnt know.what to say.. there s this song tooo.. “you say best when u say nothing at all..” i m like ya.. such a romantic way to say stfu! :p

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