Bruschetta ..

​Whenever the word bruschetta comes up, I remember a scene from the film, Julie and Julia. The memory jogs through the time from the breads in the pan to the assembling to the tasting and eating. The entire scene is just is so orgasmic such love that I ordered one set soon and later made it a few times..

When our group of friends went to Jughead’s – The Unrestaurant, the other day, one in the group was a vegetarian, therefore, we had to order a vegetarian dish. We flipped through the menu, and then bruschetta appeared.. and it was bruschetta that we ordered. And with bruschetta, now you know what scene pops up… πŸ˜€

When the Bruschettas arrived.. it looked like this in the picture.. lovely to the core, aesthetically arranged. The rest of us forgot for a moment it was ordered for the vegetarian in the group and that there were no crumbs of meat on it.. one plate heartily enjoyed.

bruschettas (Vegetarian) at Jugheads Powai
 bruschettas (Vegetarian) at Jugheads Powai

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6 thoughts on “Bruschetta ..”

  1. As a vegetarian in a group of non-vegetarians I’d probably be the one ordering the bruschetta and I’d so not like it if it were eaten up by all the rest :-).

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