Basic emotions

I think respect and not love is the basis of any relationship. Once the respect is lost, then anybody has the freedom to act/talk/think about a person/thing/concept in any which way they want to. What is respect and how is it different from love.. ?

Respect for the opposition, for a partner, for a friend, for another human being, for the elements, for nature, for the “nation”, for a idea.. On a personal level if I lose respect for somebody/something then I find it difficult to go back into that relationship I had with them/it in the first place. 



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32 thoughts on “Basic emotions”

      1. Well Ash! I would like too, but let me put it in brief rather being descriptive which I’m not.
        As far as I’m concerned…. love &respect should tally in a relationship regardless of age.
        If not it would end up in Oppression. Thats what I feel.

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                  1. Well not sure about others but I have been raised with some views that even if someone loses respect for whatever reason, we should not hate them.. Because I firmly beleive that no one is bad.. we are good for some and bad for others. We will never be good for everyone no matter how holy we are πŸ™‚

                    I still carry on the same , I might not go OUT OF MY WAY if someone loses respect and has done something wrong or bad to me .. If we come face to face I will still have smile and if they are elder I will touch their feet for blessings and if younger then probably hug them as I do with everyone.

                    Why should I change my ways if they have.

                    This probably is not good advice for everyone, we all have our own ways of doing things.

                    If I come to know that I have done something wrong and lost respect then I will try to mend ways , and try not to do things the same way ..

                    So I would advice the same to you even if someone has lost respect in your eyes , hating them is no good , just be how you are maybe you can stop talking to them or going out of your way .. but if you come face to face show them the respect you gave them earlier and a quick bye .. Job done.. πŸ™‚ why give someone else an opportunity to say otherwise towards you as such .. and as I said earlier we are always good for some and bad for others why add one more person in the list who think we are bad:) ..

                    that is just my thoughts .. as such life is funny you never know what future has in store , why make it more complicated.

                    Have fun enjoy and SMILE…

                    oooops sorry this became a lecture .. 😦

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  1. Love sometimes gives us the liberty to take the other for granted and get away with it. Respect involves lot more than that. It means the person has qualities/knowledge/intelligence/maturity/understanding that have to be given due credit and remembered during interactions. That’s what I feel.

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  2. I think that Love follows respect, how can you love someone if you don’t respect them!! It affects more if the relationship is a close one…

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