Between people 7.0 

Rats, Cats, Dogs…that’s the order right – A walk in the woods came by a while ago and liked this post, and walked away. I read it again and thought why not share. 

You know what MJ used to tell me when I was little …“why you worrying about this girl and that boy. If they are jealous of you then you should be happy. Because, it means you possess a talent or something which they don’t.” 

“Be happy but not arrogant” She always warned me and try helping them out to find theirs and make them happy too. She made my day in those few minutes she came out with this explanation. I was glad, I was worthwhile and people acknowledged it by being jealous.


The irony of it all…They say, Success has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan…. but I came to realise in the course of these past so many years that this same success has many a jealous friend turn foe too. It completely eludes me how a best buddy cannot fully appreciate and be glad at the friend’s success. Unconditional. That’s the adjective. Asking for too much and too many things in this world of rat race, am I? 🤔🤔


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2 thoughts on “Between people 7.0 ”

  1. Remember the line from 3 idiots? Friend jab first aata hai to zyada dukh hota hai. 😂😂
    Life changes people a lot. If your best friend is vying for the same thing as you and you get it, chances are he or she will always hold it against you. Its the bitter truth. Competition is worse when it comes knocking home or near and dear ones.

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    1. Looks that way. But then there are others who are immensely happy for each other even when they are looking at the same target.. But ya, I get what you saying ..many like that.. !!


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