An Election Campaign

I was down with some kind of fever that week when my friends called home to ask my parents’ permission to nominate me as the college chair. I had refused initially because the second year was going to be a tough one. Being part of the college union  (if I won) meant missing an entire year and a half from the class. So, they conspired to keep me at home until the last day of taking back the nominations were over. When I reached college the day after, I was declared one among the three candidates for the post.

There was no looking back after. The campaign began. Daddy designed these colourful photo posters as the main campaign attraction. We made photocopies of these and used them as push media ;). We decided against banners but tried personal badges with a vote for ash as chair, and made personalized stickers for bags, books or anything we carried. Writing out campaign speeches, question hours, word wars with the opposition.. at the end of all that drama and counting I won handsdown and was looking forward to working with a new team. The entire city woke up to our pictures the next day in the newspapers. Hahaha uncles collected all the newspapers for the day and made a collage out of it. I still wonder how they lifted me up, that was the front page pic of the day in Malayala Manorama, and The New Indian Express.

Nostalgia dribbles in as a post on fb surfaces. I just got to know all of us in the union feel very special about that one year and all its activities including the fights.


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18 thoughts on “An Election Campaign”

  1. Nice one Aswt. You took me back to my college days!! I enjoyed this privilege of being a candidate in college election. You will learn a lot from there in your future career. First of all what you learn in yourself is your leadership quality and much more. Make most of it except fights😂😄


    1. Election campaigns teach you a lot, true. How to fight for instance, and fight hard, and fight tough.. and then sit across and say, oh I didn’t mean that at all, let’s go to the doctor for the injuries 😀

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      1. At least your parents knew you stood for election. My dad see me in banners and posters😂Love those days!! Here I joined back in college. But didn’t get that old spice of life. May be old enough😄

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        1. oh is it! I think I have been part of one election or the other every where I have gone too.. ! different experiences but worthwhile.. and have enjoyed every bit, started from school days.. I guess people see me as somebody who can tackle a fight, I don’t know..

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          1. I could write a full novel in those college days. Will never get back those days back. Make most of it, travel a lot, see the world, explore your passion and job, try to travel around with your job. On a certain state of life. You Anchor and every thing will be stagnant. That’s a different zone of life. Like where I am now😂


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