Hunger & Sleep Pangs #PeriodPride

I am hungry most of the time during the two days that lead to the monthly cycle. Hungry, and mostly sleepy. I take it as my quota of tiredness of the entire month getting pooled in those few days of aching legs, a runny tummy, and the uncontrollable irritation in the lower back, that lead to and the days of the menstruation proper.

However, my folks would be thankful for the monthly cycle, for this is the only time my family and friends get a little respite from my chatter and non stop buzzing. Because all I can think of during these days is sleep, sleep and more sleep. The moment I am found sleeping all day long, or somebody finds me hunting for food at odd hours, they realize I am bleeding. Midnight snacks become the norm, there is extra food kept away if I wake up and feel hungry, oh I am teased for this everytime ;). And at times if we are all up for some odd reason, which is almost always the case, we get together for some coffee and pancakes. What joy! I enjoy my much needed monthly rest to the T, so do they, their ears, and their minds 😛

PS: Has it occured to that the discipline of Mathematics has a chapter on Menstruation in class 8/7. Then I realized the word was missing a few letters, and it spelled mensuration 😛

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16 thoughts on “Hunger & Sleep Pangs #PeriodPride”

  1. Ha ha.. that last bit had me puzzled and then laughing out loud. On a more serious note.. I have no fond memories of periods – I just hated the discomfort and the constant worry, the numerous trips to the loo to check if all was well! I do hope I don;t pass on that anxiety to my daughter.


    1. I’ve never been anxious. Could be because my parents never gave it undue attention. Don’t. I’m not saying it has to be enjoyed. It is a lot of blood and pain, but not to be anxious or disgusted about

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  2. Glad you had such fond memories of your periods and take it as a phase of relaxation. I wish we have many more girls who have fond memories too…. and that’s what we endeavour to provide to girls and women of our society.

    Thank you for your post…:)

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    1. Thanks Anju. It is painful yes, but it is also about a much needed rest .. So when the boy asks for it why not just listen to it. Thank you for stopping by and the initiative.


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