When someone is ultra special …

We decided not to wish her on her birthday. By the second year everyone knew the routine for the midnight birthday ‘surprise’. She also did. She also expected we would do something to ‘surprise’ her. So it was more important to plan, a plan put into action a week or so before her birthday. During the middle of a walk or between a meal, or between a random conversation or a dribble on the court, a few us likely to initiate her birthday celebrations would rant to her about an imminent presentation, the long hours of prep, a sooper difficult upcoming internal, or a seminar scheduled around the 24th of august. We introduced the idea into her head that we were neck deep in work. She did look a little upset, had a lost look on her face! When the birthday finally arrived at 12 am, I was sitting beside her in the library trying to finish off an assignment. In fact, we were all in and around the library that night trying to ‘finish off’ some unknown made up assignment, (the we were 25-30). She and I went down for coffee and a bread omelette from the canteen guy in one of the nearest boys hostels. Some of the rest of us were at the canteen too like that you know. 12 am was a time most of us got up for a break Β πŸ˜‚. She started receiving calls as we ordered … We played our ‘oh shit man! it is your birthday today, is today the 24th surprise part’ really well, ordered a layered omelette makeshift cake and asked her to cut it while we sang happy birthday. Some of us even gave her little gifts, she knew we were all there on purpose. We went back into the library and resumed our work.Β ByΒ supper time that night, she too was immersed in her work so much so that she did not realize the flurry of activity taking place outside her room. As is practice she went to my room for some chocolates before we headed out for our nightly walk. She opened the door, switched on the lights to find a lot of more people, a lot more food waiting for her inside, screaming happy birthday. Her surprise dinner party for the year had just begun. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



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12 thoughts on “When someone is ultra special …”

  1. Awww what a Wonderful surprise. I’ve loved surprises that lift my spirits. The other type of surprises, the ones that turn your day upside down and give you a lowly feeling, not so much.

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