Who izz a Friend ..

Time and again, I come back to the same question, who is a friend, who is family and who is more than family. It is funny how we bond with people, sometimes it is a mutual one, at times it is one sided, at times there is no bond at all. But the word “friend” remains.

c2ce4ae18f3eb0928f50d3e002f1213eMy mother once scolded me privately for the way I introduced a group of people I went to class with, to her. I introduced a few of them as friends, and the rest as my classmates. She understood the difference. But that’s how I have been always. I have my lines very clearly drawn as to who is and who is not. It could be the Aquarius me. MJ asked me then to be easy with this idea of friendship.. she told me it is okay to use the word friend as an umbrella term to refer to people with whom I mingled and socialized with, even though they had no clue as to what is going through me. (That’s a different question, do people really know me! I like to believe I am a mystery πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) I am somehow never convinced.

Who is a friend then, somebody whom I can call my own, and the closer they are to my inner most circle, the closer I feel towards them.

largeWho is a friend, then, somebody whom I can bully and who in turn can bully me πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Ž

Who is a friend then, somebody with whom I can say, I feel bored to their face, or they can to me, and neither of us will feel bad about it.

Who is a friend then, somebody I can be angry and irritated with, without feeling the pressure of being in restraint and vice versa.

Who is a friend then, somebody with whom I have that kind of freedom to feel hurt, go back and say I did..

Who is a friend then, somebody with whom I can be absolutely nonsensical with and they join in the no sense talk as if it were the most serious thought of the day.

Who is a friend then, somebody who gets the sarcasm and the jokes, and banters in the same tone πŸ˜€

Given this when the word friend is used very casually, I feel well..


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19 thoughts on “Who izz a Friend ..”

        1. I’d love if people and I can stay friends for a long long time. But asking for too much no? There are these phases of friendship, you are with a certain person for a certain period of time and then leave.. long lasting hmm!

          live in the moment, and enjoy while it lasts!

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          1. talking to someone without any introduction, hearing them even in the midnight, meeting someone after years without feeling so, calling me and asking me to wish her own birthday which I forget every year, arguing for anything under sun, laughing loud.. and many more little pleasures..these all friendship for me..


                1. Time! Sometimes a first conversation and I know this person and I are gonna click eventually it we may turn out to be friends ..but most of the people remain acquaintances .. MJ calls me weird for such compartmentalization .. But that’s me πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‚

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