What are your excuses.. #mondaymusings

“I am busy” or “I don’t have the time for this” is one of the commonest or the most common excuse I hear these days. Have you encountered such? And then I ask immediately, “when did you last brush your teeth or what was your last meal?” They don’t realize immediately that an answer in the affirmative or with details lands them in trouble right away. They don’t realize that they are being contradictory.  Not that I go to pick bones with anybody, #justsaying. Most people may not ask, a few would, so keep your answers ready or your place is in the soup! 😀

I don’t like this excuse at all, however rich in euphemism it is in. Or I refuse to take this priority nonsense! I find the people who say such poor in thought and vocabulary at the same time. In short, I lose respect. I’d like to hear an answer which says, “No, I can’t be a part of this because I don’t want to at the moment.” I like the WYSIWYG types, easy on the mind, less stressful, and very real.


My common excuse is I’m lazy.. 😀 😀 (I can choose when I need to be lazy, and about what :P) In Malayalam often people ask, something to the effect of “how do you waste time? സമയം എങ്ങനെയാ കളയുന്നത് ?” and I am like “why should you, in the first place?” to which a friend tells me, it is a starter to a conversation don’t take it to heart! 😛 😛 we know they neither have a vocabulary nor do they make an effort to think.


സമയം(time) എങ്ങനെയാ (how) കളയുന്നത് (literally waste/can be translated to idle away in the context)


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9 thoughts on “What are your excuses.. #mondaymusings”

  1. Some people really do suffer from not having much time on their hands though.. I realized that after I started looking for time once my hands were full. But yes, some people just use many one liners as excuses… >.<


    1. I agree, but making time in spite of the business is something which i admire in people a lot. And not letting peoople know that they are making that effort is a double whoopie hurray moment. But th3 excuses.. I begin to laugh these days when somebody tells me such .. 🍻🍻


    2. on your post.: oh let it be, make it sound easy whatever you do. It is only then people with such boorish and borish attitude will want to imitate and then the fun begins. Trust me more than you telling them how difficult it is, let them realize it on their own. So the keybword is lure them.

      Cant seem to comment on your post using the app


  2. Totally 100%agree .. I find it hilarious when someone says they were busy.

    They were busy because they are selfish.. If they needed something or wanted to do something then they will find time for sure..

    So as you say just mere excuses.. I have tons of these people here in uk.. 😀😀


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