The Moon is back on the blog :)

There was a glow in the night sky amidst the clouds around 10ish last night. And then very slowly, the moon rose, showing little of itself first, then a little more, then a more little and finally it was out there. Then it seemed like the horizon vanished to give the moon the centre stage for its soliloquy until it rose higher and needed to exit between another set of clouds. The clouds resembled a mock horizon for the moonrise, each had a silver lining, some even had a halo. There was also a bright hole in the sky from where the moon emerged. As for me, I stood there glued to the spot, wishing I had a camera that hour, to capture this sight and share it with my folks who love the moon, and to those who miss such a sights because they think they have better things to do!

It has been raining this side of town for the last few days, but the moon has been brilliant is the report I had received from my moon loving friends elsewhere. To keep me in the loop, they sent me pictures so that I enjoyed the moon as much as they did when they spotted it in their no rain-cloudless sky.

Write Tribe

It is not the prompt that made me write the post. I wrote the post, saw the prompt, found it suitable, so linked them. Now it stands part of the Friday Reflections and its prompt “what makes you smile, what makes you happy?”

In addition to the moon, conversations make me happy, they make me smile 😛 So you could write down a line about your little memory associated with the moon. It  could be any little detail such a song it reminds you of, a memory, a love, a hate.. it could be whatever that comes to your mind when you think of that white ball waxing and waning in the sky!


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20 thoughts on “The Moon is back on the blog :)”

  1. No poems as whenever I see the moon,I get lost in its deep serenity and the tranquility!Yeah but sometimes I do not forget to chant with

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  2. The magic of the moonlight,
    Lights up the dark alleys,
    Conjures love between two romantic hearts,
    Delights a photographer with its myriad hues and avatars,
    Entices little ones with its tales of yore!
    The moon and it’s magic is always special!!

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  3. The moon is so utterly pretty and beautiful, and of course, less vain than the sun. At least the moon allows us to see her without getting blinded!

    A clichéd memory, but I’ll always remember those times when I walked along with the moon, always looking up at the sky and wondered why the moon was following me wherever I went! 😀

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  4. I saw a magnified version of the moon yesterday in the evening and it looked pretty, as you said, in the cloudless bahrain sky 🙂 I am not sure if you looked at it the same time as me, since I didn’t see your reflection …


    1. hahaa! heard the song again, and this happened after. A real piece of the moon, do post. But somehow the moon looks lovely from down here when you look up to the sky, up close, I don’t know! 😀


  5. It is good you did not have the camera….or we would have missed the imagining part of your post……I saw the moon just two days back hiding behind huge trees, rising slowly to complete view…..My kids shouted with joy as they saw the moon coming out…..

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