Curious me 6.10 #mondaymusings!

“I’d love to talk to someone who ‘gets’ me, for hours on end, but everyone I know, including the partner seems too busy to even talk for minutes!” 14055003_1753235398249483_6752817582560559684_n

Happened to see this comment today, and I wondered .. is it a concern? if it is or it is not! another pressing question is, what kind of conversation ..

So, my list of curious questions then…

  • Do you have people around you with whom you feel comfortable to talk to for hours at a stretch? with whom you don’t feel bored of listening and talking to?
  • Does one have to be loquacious to be talking this long? is that a requirement (I’m just asking, there is a perception, therefore :P)
  • or is this long conversation some kind of a fantasy that will never be fulfilled and we will be left craving!

PS.  let’s keep the initial days of courtship talk out of this one. All that romantic mush does not count!

ps1. Please refrain from liking the post if you are not planning to comment (as if you’ll listen to me :))




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10 thoughts on “Curious me 6.10 #mondaymusings!”

  1. We need someone to talk to… But most often that person our inner self….
    I don’t think it’s a problem if someone isn’t there to talk to….

    P. S. Loved the way people disobeyed you.. JK


    1. Inner self, yes we need to talk to many times to get thoughts cleared out! I often talk to the walls of my room, until my wall mates from the other side of the wall, tell me to shut up and go to sleep 😛 😛

      PS: Liking is an unconscious act these days! instinctive 😛 I try!


  2. Every now and then my inner self screws me up by giving wrong answers and then laugh out loud….
    Wow that’s amazing!!!!
    Walls of my room are plain rude. They wouldn’t answer…

    P.S. Yea actually!!! You can’t help it… It’s unconscious… Just like farts( was that gross? I am sorry)


      1. Tsk tsk walls started behaving like my crush…. I am surely gonna keep talking…. I am one talkative boy……
        Lol that’s evil seriously…..
        Imagine if farts were contagious yawns, world would have been an interesting place


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