Curious me 5.0

I understand the RioΒ Olympics for India has been about women. But why so much hullabaloo on women power! celebrate them as athletes who learned, fought and conquered their games, and their opponents. aren’t we running the risk of stereotypes all over again! I thought feminism was striving for equality not reservation or may be I’m wrong! may be it is about keeping on creating that divide explicit πŸ˜›

ps: I know this post will just get liked! and nobody would want to comment or have their say! after all blogging is about fake thoughts, brags, proving popular feminism and less about being real and serious!


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45 thoughts on “Curious me 5.0”

      1. Nobody wants to lose and all the sports persons who represent always will give their best and that is what matters..but then everyone gives his or her free opinion while they watch a game


  1. Ainggggg why will people not comment. .

    This is all indian mentality.. countless whatsapp messages. . This that and what not.. yet in a few weeks time people will forget ..and many who are shouting hoarse about woman power and forwarded those whatsapp messages will probably be inhuman to a women in their own home behind closed doors..

    Sad sad way of celebrating something that has nothing to do with woman power etc etc.. The coaching staff of both the women who won are men. ..πŸ˜€πŸ˜€..

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  2. I guess somewhere peoples’ egos take a beating that girls managed to outperform yet again. Not just Indians, there’s talk of Mannouncing even with players of other countries.


    1. well, women outperformed women to win medals, men were outperformed by other men who won medals, and in mixed events, mixed pairs were outperformed….agree totally with ash…why all this drama? And as someone said, we tend to sensationalise almost everything, and then, forget the entire thing, the moment another potential ‘sensational event’ occurs!


      1. ya! all temporary fad! Sindhu wanted to be known as the first Indian to win the Olympic badminton gold, not the first female to win the gold.. (or did I read it wrong somewhere, my lens are selective, I almost always ignore gender)

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    2. What does it mean to outperform, they are competing in different categories. It is not like a woman or a man is beating the other! then they is a chance to feel a hurt! if at all, but then there is always a sportsmanspirit!

      Goodness, so much of insecurity!! The society the patriarchy the what not! we are all in some god forsaken irritating well!


  3. It was today I read a story about an athlete who won silver medal Renaud. In pole vaulting. The crowd booed at his Performance and even when he was being given the medal. People like to be associated with doing good for the ignored. Because it is that that gives them the satisfaction of doing something good.


    1. like being spokepersons.. the feel good feel, again it goes back to the power hierarchy! the powerful, who wants to be there for the less powerful! ha! what nonsense no..

      send me the link to that article will ya, whenever you find that one, Harsh

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        1. yes, easy to be a spectator and say oh they should have done that, if it were me I would have done something else, and easy to boo.. when they wouldn’t dare to jump into the ring, fight it out, and even if they do would miserably fail!…. bane ya! spectators need to be taught spirit of sports!

          (that’s why I think batman is so strong and our hero on other lines.. he survived the well hell! :P)

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    1. It is easier to forget the losers, the team behind the winners, the victory of the winners when they fail the next time.. it is a tendency more than a stereotype.

      Morning Akhila, what happened to your yesterday’s question did you get answers?

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      1. Hmm..nothing i expected everyone opposed the stated points except the law thing…you know that i was just arguing for the opposite..but i wonder is it all governed by this stereotypical law…and there was one who only accepted that it’s mother’s world.


        1. It is, where is the doubt about it. Starting with boys don’t cry, or are you a girl kind of taunt to she swam like a boy, or you are tom boy is attributed to patriarchy. It is so ingrained in us we need to sit back and pluck it out consciously.

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