To the Malayalee bloggers ..

Go to google and search for “Salary eppo kittum”

Morning,the rest of the non mal world ..


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pins & ashes

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29 thoughts on “To the Malayalee bloggers ..”

            1. did you hear this ” bhoomiyude oro spandanavum maths l anu” thilakan’s dialogue in sphatikam movie.. this is what i felt first when I read your


              1. every discipline specialist says that.. so maths people it is maths, physics folks it is physics, chemistry ones it is chem, I’ll say it is language! if not for words how to you express, the heartbeats of the world emotions or otherwise πŸ˜€

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            1. Yes! every language has its quirks. But Malayalam is an off shoot tamil.. so you may find a lot of usages and words similar, it is just to get a hang of speaking it, like I try to learn and speak in Tamil..


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