Akinspired 2.0 :P 

Akhila, somebody whom “the world around her” thinks I fight with on a daily basis, wrote a post yesterday on help 😀 I agree with her post completely, but I have a problem of a different order. To me, the word help itself is the biggest problem in the context. When an action between two people is termed as help, then I think everything goes wrong with that action and that equation.

Plus strangers & people have selflessly been on my side at earthly & unearthly hours, so I don’t have anything to complain about people as such, like in this post below..


Two things happened that evening. It was nearly night time, around 8ish, on a chilly evening in Istanbul in late October a few years ago.

As I was asking for the number of the bus to board at the counter, a man standing beside me just caught hold of my hand and started to run. I was shell shocked, in a strange city, with strangers, and stranger rumours about the citizens!! in a few seconds, he stopped in front of a bus door and he asked me to get in. He was the driver/conductor of the bus I was supposed to take. Running seemed to be the best option rather than explaining it to me in their language or their little English.

An hour or so later, all I could remember is I was falling out of the bus like in some Nancy Drew mystery!! I still wonder at the mess I would have been if I had fallen on the highway, and run over by another speeding bus, they would just had to scrape me into a bag and send me home! 😛 Nevertheless, in the next moment, two hands caught me from either side, they held me tight with their free hands and asked me to stay put for this was not the stop, it was the next. Somebody passed me a bottle of water, another, passed me a bar of chocolate. As I was helping myself to the drink and food and the company of the Turkish folks in the bus in about 10 minutes my bus stop arrived. I shouted a big thank you and sent out flying kisses to everybody including the driver, the men, the women, especially the two women whose hands and presence of mind saved me a crushed indistinguishable death on Turkish roads!!! They remain etched in my memory and now on my blog even if they may not remember that stranger that night….

Source: Strangers of the Night -Istanbul


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76 thoughts on “Akinspired 2.0 :P ”

    1. The world, by itself, is simple, kind & beautiful…only, it’s occupants are complicated, and in turn, they consider the world also complicated. But then, the complication is only as much as we make it to be….

      Also, all of us are ‘duty bound’ to extend assistance to the needy fellow human beings. Terming such assistance as ‘help’???

      Having said all these things, hmmm…..things are also not that rosy. Humans are selfish & suspicious by nature, and such a complex mix of qualities embedded within us makes us wary of most of what happens around us!!

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          1. Hari .. I kind of start guffawing when you call ma’m. By the way every time I go to the theatre and see a particular national anthem being played I remember you. Plus yesterday i saw rustum.. Did you?

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            1. opposite action is a challenge, often a motivator, to generate further action for your side, till you succeed (blah blah blah … I am waffling, i think)
              anyway, before ‘helping’ someone, shall re-check the intent thoroughly and weed out any malafide content that exists!!

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      1. you mean those who say good morning dear ! happy Independence day dear! happy two days after independence day dear ! happy Monday ! deep thought , great thought 😂😂😂😂


            1. I like the fighting world ya.. dishoom dishoom one, will get bored after saying deep thinker twice and she accepts it 😀 😛 (now she’ll kill me for sure, you I don’t know)


  1. It was the sweetest gesture, but I’m sorry I can’t help laughing imagining the scene. The man holding your hand and pulling you, the women saving you from falling down the bus and then the flying kisses. 😄😄😄
    They did what they did without expecting anything. The best way to be of service (not help!). ☺


  2. There is lot of kindness in the land of Turkey I think.. When I was there the people were lovely indeed n that was my lasting impression of that country… So a wonderful soul got rescued by kind souls 😊


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