Where to draw the line!

Initially there was a dog, they called her Sony (I guess that is the spelling, even dogs can be touchy). Then came another one, we called him Blackie (that izz the right spelling). He was flown to one of the girl’s homes because he was becoming a nuisance duh!. But he still remains my favourite. (Oh! did you think I hated dogs?). My first roommate even got into a fight with a few other hostelites in the middle of the night arguing that they were discriminating Blackie and favouring Sony because of his colour and gender!!! What followed was an email chain, an hourly dose of fun for about 5 days, I wish I could write that way for my work!

What does the Hostel Council say, they say, the dogs protect us! (exactly. women need to be protected always, isn’t that what our dear old granddad’s granddad’s granddad, Mister Manu also said). Now until he was around, Blackie used to accompany me to the pool very morning when the sun was not yet up without fail. I thought we had a exclusive bond! (unfortunately, like all temporary boyfriends, he showered his attention to many other women and made them all feel exclusive :P)

Currently, there are more dogs and more keep coming. They have named them Chili, Pepper, Ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cardamom …just may be the name givers love the spice tin in their kitchen (gosh! did I just stereotype women and confine them to the space of the kitchen, patriarchy works in weird ways)

What then is the problem – long irrelevant tete-a-tetes on social media. Why don’t somebody just think wicked they’d all be gone boom overnight, or talk to the proper authorities, the professional dog caring folks.

I thought I paid to stay, and eat here and was top priority. Chilli & co. like our erstwhile colonizers are (silently) trickling in one by one and taking over our space. The local chieftains (hostel council) are in their favour because ginger & co show them love and give them protection!



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