An idea of tea #mondaymusings

I was on this ferry between the two banks of the Bosphorus one late October evening. It was chilly outside, the sun had just set and the sky had turned into a riot of colours. The buildings around were becoming silhouettes against the dusky sky. That’s when the ferry man came along with glasses of apple tea. Transparent rimless glasses of shapely glass,  filled with a steamy hot red colour liquid. I took a sip. And there started my journey with tea. More than the drink, the idea of that evening with tea makes me go back to a cup of tea, many times.

The one in the picture is a very Bombay breakfast, bun maska (I love my buns toasted with a dollop of butter though) and a cup of tea in a kulhad, the Indian handless clay cups for tea … 

My kind of a heaven of freedom I wake up to every morning. Tagore definitely would have had such pleasurable mornings. 

#And Bolt wins again, third time in a row! Sad for Dipa. 


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2 thoughts on “An idea of tea #mondaymusings”

  1. Yummy.. strangely I don’t like having tea here..more of a coffee man..but when visiting india I am a tea man.. can’t explain.

    And bolt won I was sleeping.. need to catchup the race when I get time for tv..

    It is sad about that indian team but i blame the indian politics and authorities for that.. athletes if only given proper facilities can do so much better ..


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