When I fell in love with a chaiwala today .. 


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pins & ashes

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162 thoughts on “When I fell in love with a chaiwala today .. ”

            1. Yes. Really 🙂
              There are few kind hearted people isn’t it. They might be poor when it comes to finances, but in love, affection and care, they are rich.:)

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                  1. I was hiding behind the person who posted this post (the blogger Pins Ashes) when you said Aww ! After listening to your reply I came in front ! Just like small kids do often (LOLZ 😁😁 )


                    1. Acha… Tog Yeh batao… Agar teacher shaadi shuda hoti, toh miss kaise bulaoge, woh Mrs hui na, miss nahi… 😛
                      Aur senior ko madam bulaoge, toh principal ko Kya keh ke bulaoge? Principal miss?:-P


            1. I don’t know why actually she is not that shy ? May be busy …..

              Omg I hope, she is not having one more cup of tea…


              Who knows she started loving tea even more after today’s incident…😊😊😊

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                    1. Dear Madam,

                      Kindly grant me permission to leave immediately, hence I am not safe in environment where love bug is increasing the heart beat and one who is talking to me is infected with it and fall sick in love with chaiwala and claiming that if some one else will come tomorrow to pass by her. Her heart will dhak dhak even more.

                      Hence I am the only blogger in this love infected post.

                      Akhila and Rr is already on leave . I am feeling unsafe. Kindly grant me immediate leave.


                      Nisthur 😊


                    2. Nisthur, wp principal says you have to write “I love chaiwala” 1000000 times and post it on wp by tomorrow morning 6am. Failing which you will be rusticated 😛

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                    3. Independence day you should wake up early, attend a flag hoisting and sing national anthem. Not sleep till afternoon. 😛

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                    4. Hey I don’t want to be blocked here . Please excuse me doing chaos in right in absence of the owner of the blog. It will earn bad name to me .

                      Every body knows about you but I have image…

                      So bye then


                    5. Hey I don’t want to be blocked here . Please excuse me doing chaos in right in absence of the owner of the blog. It will earn bad name to me .

                      Every body knows about you but I have image…

                      So bye then


                    6. No. I want you to tell me what you meant by that. You can’t simply say such things and leave it halfway. What did you mean by everybody knows about you but I have a image?

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                    7. Sorry I didn’t not mean any thing negative.
                      If hurt extremely sorry.
                      I mean I am new, you might be knowing others blogger before than me and comfortable with them.

                      Sorry sorry and extremely sorry.
                      1000000 times sorry.

                      Never meant any thing wrong..

                      Hope you will me a chance to perceive me on positive note.


                    8. It’s not about number of comments Nisthur. Usage of one wrong word can change the meaning and take the conversation down south. It’s a public domain where everybody and anybody reads not just posts but comments too. And reading such sentences sends out a wrong signal.

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                    9. you still haven’t explain the image and the cartoon character! slip of keypad or keyboard or mind.. we are in the business of words, so I respect words, and the words on their part will not forgive..

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                    10. Ok ok let try to clear once more .

                      1.My intention is we should not keep on commenting which make no sense.
                      2. As I have already said I thought you both are comfortable with each other and know each other behaviour. I am new to you. And I am not used to be at you blog that so regular.
                      3. Cartoon character was the symbol of that he is thinking some thing.

                      4. I respect and regard RR to core but we just can’t keep commenting when there is no response from the owner of the blogger.

                      5. Over all taking a account in every thing. I feel extremely sorry and apologize for any sort of misunderstanding by using the word image.

                      I again and again feel sorry and ready for the punishment which you feel like deciding for me.

                      Again and again I say sorry even my intensions have never been wrong but if you and she felt any thing . I would request you to please ignore me.

                      I have already mentioned sorry word many times.

                      Hope you will understand me and give me opportunity to be with you guys.




                    11. oh never watched Indian ones . always looked down upon Indian creativity. the only place I adore Indian creativity is Hindu mythology😂

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                  1. ash really! you talking in Hindi to impress a random stranger on the internet. is this guy delusional or did you drop your standards and stoop to that level ??

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                    1. then, in that case, I’m pretty much sure the weed this guy was smoking is of high quality.. gotta borrow some from him or at least from where he gets such good weed

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              1. Haha that’s wonderful of your heart beating more….

                I need help to tackle you, can’t manage you alone where is Rr and Akhila…

                Is there any body kindly help…you are too much today…


                    1. Off course I am not !

                      Kindly review rules . When we can be here together why cant in your so called pyjama party that too in dreams.

                      I don’t think any harm. 🤔


              1. Cup cake with a cherry on top, and dripping in hot chocolate sauce.. I am giving u a tiny piece of it. 😛


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