what is your mindset ..

“The bottom line is that the basic beliefs we carry around (ie, our mindsets) shape the attitudes we bring to the world, and this in turn effects how we respond to difficulty. But the good news is that we can change our mindsets.

Carol Dweck at Columbia University pioneered the idea of ‘mindsets’ (known more technically as ‘self-theories’). Through dozens of experimental studies, her research group found that people generally fall into two camps. In one camp are people with a ‘fixed’ mindset; in the other are those with a ‘growth’ mindset. Although a person’s mindset can change, most people tend to default to one – and stay there. “

The Thesis Whisperer

This post is by James Donald, a PhD student in Organisational Behaviour at the ANU. His research explores the impacts of mindfulness on stress and resilience in the workplace. James is an experienced facilitator and mindfulness trainer, and regularly leads mindfulness and well-being workshops in the community, public and private sectors. His training company is Mindfulness Works.

Have you had your “mid-PhD crisis” yet? Maybe you’ve had a few of them?! I think I just had mine.

I spent the whole of 2013 running three experimental studies (I’m doing a PhD in organisational behaviour) only to find – along with some odd results – that the issue I thought I’d been researching (defensiveness) was actually not what I was researching!! Twelve months of slogging your guts out – for nothing?? And 12 months is ONE THIRD of your PhD funding! Am I really cut out for this??

These kinds of thoughts may be familiar to you…

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