Pran! (Pran Kumar Sharma)

My Dear Pran

I’ve always addressed you as sir in my letters I wrote to you, but I’ve always thought of you in the figure of the Chacha complete with a turban. In those short crisp conversations we’ve had so far over email over the past few years, I’ve come to know very little about you but known your excitement over my research. But then, I wanted to know more, and you said I can come over to Delhi, give a call and we’ll have a chat. We decided on a week as well, and then you planned your trip from life itself.I’m upset, very upset, that I did not make it to Delhi sooner.

I’m upset that you had to go today of all the days in the year.. While I was running around giving blood tests and being tired and feverish, you were in your last moments. I don’t believe in coincidences, but is today an exception..

I’m upset that our conversations were restricted to those few phone calls and a few emails.I was looking forward to meet you, excitement brimming over to talk to you about your creations, Chacha Choudhary, Pinki..  I’m sad that you are no more, but I’m happy that you are relieved of your pain.What a day today, when I get condolence messages on your behalf…Ash

PS: May be you could draw a portal opening in the sky between the clouds and connect directly to my server.. so that we can make more conversations..

Source: Pran! (Pran Kumar Sharma) it has been two years since.. !


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