Tuesday Musings: Visualizing words

Am I thinking of food, no, I am not actually, but I am thinking about something, and the something happens to be what it would be to imagine when I say the word imagine. If I wanted to give it a form then what would it be like! I imagine the word imagine located in place of magic because I feel the word creates magic. It creates magic that gels thoughts together made of different ingredients I have assembled to form a shape, a shape that is blurry like the effect on a photo edit app. And when I wave my magic wand and say the spell.. Imaginoexpletieis.. the ingredients come together in a seamless fashion, not a gap or a crack in sight, in such a way that even I wouldn’t be able to distinguish the ingredients. I would have merged such!

Now, if I do not say imagine, and say the word constructophenomenus instead with the wave of a magic wand.. I think the word construct does not fit in to the frame of magic, or the wand or the spell like imagine does. Construction to me is to see what the object is made of starting from its skeleton. The word feels very worldly a part of this world, practice and tactile. So if I say construct to the ingredients I have assembled, say in the shape of a bottle, the bottle for me will look like a collage where each ingredient is visible and distinct and shows its own properties.. the seamless smooth blurry effect of word imagine does not crop or is just not be visible in the word construct. Even collage has a beauty of its own. But imagine the words comes down from the realm of the magical of the dream!

Do you visualize words..


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