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Rant ahead! (so leave right now, if you want to)

A friend of mine has turned into motherhood by adopting a new born baby. As her friend, I am thrilled at the new arrival and the decision. But then I am also a little irked at the society around because for most parts they (we) seem to just glorify relishable parts of motherhood, this act of becoming parents and the generation making. But only a handful of people in the world talk about the countless sleepless hours, the fatigue, the constant attention and how life turns really busy and upside down and around this new entry until a balance (if at all) is found with the routine of the baby and other things for any other work … Why I am irked is because a day before she brought the baby home, she very excitedly said, “I have bought a pair of nappies and a pack of snuggies.” At that moment, my heart sank, it just struck me that this girl of mine had absolutely no clue what she was getting into even when one of her reasons to motherhood was her family. Her excitement seems to overshadow every other practical thought. At least 50 is the count I think.. to begin with, with diapers… mothers, please confirm! (I’m not a mother yet, so I may be wrong). Of course, she will definitely learn on her feet at the job of bringing up her baby. But at that moment, I was very sad! She had bought baby things as if she was giving gifts to a friend who had given birth to one. Yes, I do agree the joy of the baby keeps all of these difficulties at bay but isn’t it fair to warn people or brief them about it before they go all gung-ho about it? It is not about motherhood alone. Think about the ads for sanitary napkins. All that these ads show is about using pads which help the girl become comfortable, jump around, work and most importantly wear white clothes! In reality it is about a certain kind of bad body ache, where the body breaks down.. and a tiredness the female body feels when the blood vessels start to break! Why aren’t these passed on.. ? Are they kept a secret to create that surprise effect. that it pops out of the wardrobe and we are left looking for the Riddikulus charm. 😦 😦 😦



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27 thoughts on “(And all that jazz….) #mondaymusings”

  1. Ah !! The sleepless nights when many babies are active during night and u will have to monitor them.. They cry a lot sometimes and making them sleep is a Himalayan effort. U have to feed them regularly and babies do not have patience till u boil milk …

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  2. hey ash, what is the use of seeing all the negative aspects which will only drain our enthusiasm , what is there is going to be there!! why not focus on the positive things… which will boost our energy to deal with the downsides…
    that’s my opinion!!

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    1. I just wanted to know, Chitra.. information gathering, plus felt bad for the friend.. she is very close! I was thinking on the lines of if people can give her advice of adoption why not also tell her what comes with the baby.. what’s your take on that..

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      1. whether you adopt or give birth, its the same, we learn things as we progress, none were prepared for the experiences I had with my kids, not even my mom, she couldn’t even come here to help me due to her health reasons.. I had to learn everything on my own.. but would never change anything about it… I say learning is a process that never ends, even with age!

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            1. Hey ash was just thinking… no one ever mentions how great you feel when your child calls you mom!! when they learn the art of talking and say they love you, when they hug you and give little kisses… all that is extremely exquisite… its like a balance, you have changing diapers, midnight waking’s, sicknesses on one side and the other is the above joyous stuff!! Just tell your friend not to decide based on the influenced talk, each child is unique and they have their own way of showing us how to handle them… well, I think I better stop, don’t want to turn it into an essay 😉

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  3. Baby ,its a big responsibility and the thing is that it has to be your choice,but our society puts a lof of pressure ,I think tat should nt be there,my opinion:)

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        1. I get what you are saying.. the frustration bit.. ! hmm somehow very ironical isn’t not.. as in to feel frustrated about your own kid.. and blame circumstances.. (I’m just saying.. ) is it.. god forbid ya

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  4. I’m raising two kids, so I very well know how much work babies can be! It is nauseating, not just when they are little but also when they start growing up, walking or throwing everything within reach. I guess people hide all these things coz after knowing them half the women would probably back out! 😊

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      1. Knowing is one thing Pinsy, doing it is another. Like when you sit to solve a difficult math problem. You know the steps but while solving it you find it harder.
        Everyone learns on the feet. Some get the hang of it sooner, some later. Also depends how much practical help and guidance you have at hand.

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              1. Troubled she will, but I guess she needs to be told it is to be expected and she shouldn’t let others tell her whether she’s good at it or not. Her baby, her rules. Adopted becomes more tricky coz people tend to believe parents take time to warm up to them.

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