The real

The coolest people I’ve met are very real, no pretense and who do not fear to be themselves! no wonder they are crazy!



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53 thoughts on “The real”

        1. Lol is loads of love or loads of laughter? 😛
          Btw, vinay just wrote a book review on cc. I will read it after I read the book. Ash, how much did you finish reading?

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                1. That sounds better 😛
                  I am stuck with nikki heat series. Not able to finish it. :-SS and i don’t want to start new book before I finish that…

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                1. Here ocean comes up, all blue. And ice man uses his freeze Ray. Ice man, do you sell ice creams too? One death by chocolate for ash pls. 😛

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                    1. Add some sand and gobar too, along with mud:-P. You can grow trees. We all are nature lovers you see:-P

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  1. Hello. How goes your day?
    To think about it what is life without mistakes, memories and living it on the edge.
    All my life I’ve sort of floated through and done things just about randomly.
    By now I’ve realized I kind of gel with only people who had done the same.
    Take care and have a great day, love.


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