Caught Red-Handed #Bar-a-thon

caught blue handed

When FB caught me red handed with hands painted blue and called me studious 😀 😛 😛 :D…. I’m laughing out… if this indeed be my studious side, I wonder (what’s the opposite of studious) side would be like, FB can we have another of your memes highlighting that aspect😀 However, considering that the said pic was taken at 2 in the morning after a group of us finished prep for a surprise party the next day, that can be called studious, after all, by the dictionary definition 😛

all hands on deck

So what were we up to? It was our friend’s birthday and we wanted to celebrate. We thought over chai and cups of coffee for about 10 minutes, dissed the usual midnight surprise, cake cutting, bumps and kicks, and then .. we thought why not, the night is young at 8.15 pm. Off we went and bought black tees and paint, to draw on each tee a phrase our birthday boy often used to say, made as many tees as we were, one for the birthday boy as well, wore them to work in the morning, walked around in it the whole day, celebrating our friend’s birthday. Here you go, a glimpse of one of the tees we drew out that day. 🙂 ————-.———————————————- what’s the phrase, Apparently, one doesn’t know 🙂


BarAThon Challenge

Source: do you have a studious side 😉


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